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Real Estate Law

Our real estate lawyers have a substantial amount of experience in commercial and residential real estate matters. In addition to our extensive experience, we provide personalized and quality services in a cost-effective manner.  The real estate lawyers in our Toronto office provide the following services:

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Corporate / Commercial

Business closing included purchase, sales, assets sales. I do incorporate corporations, Franchise and prepare Shareholder Agreement, Partnership and General Agreement. Also provide services sale and purchase businesses etc.



We specialize in all types of immigration cases, including applications for permanent residence such as skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and family sponsorships;applications for temporary residence including work permits, student visas, and visitorvisas; other visa applications, and citizenship applications. We also provide the full range of immigration litigation services including hearings and appeals before the Federal Court of Canada and the Immigration and Refugee Board.

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Family Law

I prepare pre-nuptial and separation agreements and represent my clients in proceedings for divorce, custody, access, maintenance, guardianship, Child Protection, restraining orders and division of matrimonial property.


Wills And Estates

I draw simple and complex wills, powers of attorney, living wills and trusts. I also probate estates and provide general estate planning advice.


Criminal Matters

I attend trials of criminal offences in the Ontario Court and the Superior Court of Justice.


Personal Injury

As Lawyers representing personal injury cases, it is our job to investigate the cause of the injury to determine and prove responsibility of the parties liable for events causing the accident. Injury patients may be entitled to compensation to the extent that their injury was caused or contributed to by the negligent acts or omissions of others.

As a personal injury Lawyers, we deal with matters such as Motor Vehicle accidents, Brain injuries, insurance claims, Slip and Fall, Long Term Disability, Medicial Mal Practice, and Professional negligence


Investor Immigration

We process both Federal and provincial Investor Immigration Programs. Potential investor has to have CDN$800,000.00 legal worth of assets. Either $400,000.00 interest free deposit to Federal or Provincial government or Bank assisted Finance.


Civil Litigation

We will explain the court process to you, and ensure you know what to expect along the way. We are committed to the idea that an educated client makes better decisions and achieves better result.

We represent clients on a wide array of litigation matters



We prepare all kinds of affidavits and Declarations


Power Of Attorney

We prepare different types of power of attorneys: Continuing Power of Attorney for Health, Property as well special power of attorney.